Let's go back to the 1961's where this company was founded with the vision of Dr. Carlos Eduardo Silva Rojas, as an entrepreneur business manager, who has begun in his thesis the starting of this thriving corporation.

Carlos Eduardo Silva and his partner Raul Suescún has been created the foundation of “Productos Ricos Ltda”. Rionegro’s plant was expand in 1966. Thus is how “Comestibles Ricos LTDA.” was growing up.

For the 70's starts an important administrative growth, the creation of committees of sales, production, and management continues to expand the product portfolio. Top one of these openings was of Chicken potatoes flavor, making a big difference in the category of snacks, gained the preference of customers and consumers.

Started automated production for “Chirricos”, added new line for marketing staff. The 80’s frame a stage a lot of progress, was developed the new automated Fontibón’s plant. Hurtle, potatoes flavored with tomato and “Super Surtida’s” presentation.

In the 90’s the expantion of Fontibon’s installation, allowed the storage of raw materials and production of the growing range of products. In 1997 the advertising work begins with the conceptualization and implementation of large promotion.

In September 2001 a very positive change in packaging and product logo is made. The packaging was changed to metallic and logo became a smile, within which the brand stands “Super Ricas”.

Between 2002 to 2009, Born Brand logo inspired by the joy with the slogan “sensational flavor” (deja que el sabor te inspire). For 2010 to 2012 debuts the “Super Ricas de Verdad, Verdad” focused on exploiting the only major brand attribute its authentic flavor.

In 2014 to Present, released the “Super Rich let the flavor inspire yourself” a purely experiential concept that leads consumers to unique experiences beyond the functional.